Naula : The Ancient Way of Collecting Water in Uttarakhand

Naula: The Ancient Way of Collecting Water in Uttarakhand

🏞️ Imagine a place surrounded by beautiful mountains, 🏔️ where water is vital for survival. In Uttarakhand, a state in India, there’s a unique way of collecting and storing water called “Naula.” This article will explore what Naula is, 🤔 why it’s important, and how it’s facing challenges in the modern world. 🌍💧

What is Naula?

Naula is like a gift from the past. People in Uttarakhand have been using it for a very long time. It’s all about catching rainwater in special stone structures. These structures are like puzzles made of stones. They’re built in a way that collects and stores rainwater efficiently.

Why Naula Matter?

The Life Source of Uttarakhand

Imagine living in a place where water is incredibly precious, like finding a treasure. This is what life is like in Uttarakhand, where water is as valuable as gold. It is like the heart that keeps the region alive. It’s responsible for providing water for farming, drinking, and even for the animals that people depend on. Without It, life in Uttarakhand would be extremely challenging.

A Valuable Cultural Heritage

Naula isn’t just a collection of stones; it’s a symbol of the resourcefulness of the people who call this place home. It showcases their clever solutions for getting the water they need in a harsh environment. It isn’t just a functional system; it’s deeply woven into the history and culture of Uttarakhand. It tells the story of how generations have worked together to ensure their survival and prosperity.

Challenges Naula Faces

Unpredictable Weather

Imagine living in a place where the weather isn’t like it used to be. In Uttarakhand, it’s becoming hard to predict when and how much rain will fall. This makes it tricky to rely on our traditional water system.

Picture this: you’re expecting your favorite dessert, but you’re never sure when it will be served or if it will be enough. That’s what life is like when you can’t rely on it due to the changing weather.

Lack of Maintenance

Think of Naula as a beautiful garden. If you don’t tend to it regularly, the plants wither, and the garden loses its beauty. Similarly, some of it’s structures are falling apart because they’re not being looked after. Younger people often prefer using more modern methods to get water, like turning on a tap.

Modern Solutions

Rescuing Naula

Imagine your favorite old book with worn-out pages. You’d want to restore it, right? That’s exactly what people and the government are doing with Naula. They’re like repair experts, fixing the old structures and even creating new ones.

Think of them as a team of skilled doctors healing a patient. They’re making sure Naula stays strong and healthy so that it can keep providing water for everyone.

Mixing the Old and New

Imagine making a delicious pizza using your grandma’s secret recipe but adding a modern twist like using an oven. That’s what some places are doing with it. They’re combining the traditional way of collecting water, which is like the secret family recipe, with modern technology like tanks, which is like using the oven to make the pizza perfect.

  • This way, they always have enough water, no matter what the weather is like. It’s like having the best of both worlds – the wisdom of the past and the convenience of today.

The Oldest Naula of Uttarakhand

The oldest Naula in Uttarakhand is believed to be the Gangoli Naula. Located in the Gangoli region of Uttarakhand, this ancient water harvesting structure has a history that spans several centuries. This  stands as a testament to the enduring wisdom and resourcefulness of the people of Uttarakhand throughout the ages.

  • Historical Treasure: The oldest water harvesting structure in Uttarakhand, dating back centuries, is believed to have been built during the reign of the Chand Kings.
  • Intricate Design: This ancient structure is a masterpiece of dry stone masonry, featuring precise stone arrangements and intricate carvings.
  • Year-Round Water Supply: Its primary purpose is to capture rainwater efficiently, providing a consistent water supply, which was crucial for the local communities.
  • Cultural Symbol: Beyond practicality, it symbolizes the deep-rooted traditions and identity of the people in Uttarakhand, often serving as a communal gathering point.
  • Conservation Efforts: Recent efforts focus on preserving and restoring this historical gem, emphasizing its significance in the region’s heritage.
  • Timeless Wisdom: It serves as a timeless reminder of the wisdom and resilience of the past, offering valuable lessons in sustainability and heritage for today’s generation.


Naula, the ancient water system of Uttarakhand, is a big part of life there. It faces challenges because of changing weather and neglect, but efforts are being made to keep it alive.


1. How old is Naula?

It has been around for centuries, passed down from generation to generation.

2. Why it is important for farming?

It’s crucial for farming because it provides a consistent water supply.

3. What’s making it hard for Naula to work well today?

Climate change and not taking care of its structures are the main issues.

4. Are there new ways to improve it?

Yes, they’re using modern technology like tanks alongside Naula to make it more reliable.

5. Can regular people help protect it?

Yes, by supporting restoration projects and spreading the word about Naula’s importance, anyone can help.

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